Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rest of those Jazz Funk tunes / mix!

Photo taken by Amy Plant @ Discotekken, Jan 2011

I failed to post the rest of those jazz funk tunes in the days coming up to the last Discotekken due to my relentless running around like a witless turkey.

So here they are.

Johnny Hammond - Los Conquistadores Chocolates [320] - selected by Chris O'Donohoe

Patrice Rushen - Number One (Instrumental) [320] - selected by Chris O'Donohoe

Ned Doheny - To Prove My Love [192] - selected by Gerry Molumby

You can also check out some of my mix from the last Discotekken too if you wish. It's only 30 mins, as I sneakily chopped off the end where I executed some poor selecting along with some poor mixing. I have learned (although should have known better in the first place) that oldschool electro mixed into Fela Kuti is neither big nor clever. The first mix is also a little ropey cos the needles were skipping. Think I just about saved it though.

Our next Discotekken party is on Feb 12th in the Twisted Pepper Mezz. We've got 2 top shelf local DJs joining us, Handsome Paddy & Gmos. Full details HERE.


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