Monday, April 4, 2011

Laid Back - Make It Beautiful

Laid Back are of course most well known for their italo classic 'White Horse' which came out in 1983. I picked up their 'It's a Shame' 12" (as seen above) recently for next to nothing. The a-side is pretty dire, but the b2 is this nice, new-wavey late '80s number.

It didn't really grab me at first, but on repeated listens I've grown quite fond of it indeed. There's something magic about the melancholic groove throughout combined with the vacuous "make it beautiful" vocal, all on top of a stompy beat & catchy guitar hook. It's even got a pompous guitar solo near the end, and the line "no coke, I'm laid back".

The production on it is really nice too, some nice bits of delay, reverb etc in certain sections, most notably on the drums & vocals.

It's cheap as chips on discogs if want to pick it up on wax.

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