Wednesday, June 15, 2011

South Side Coalition - Get Off Your Seats And Jam

I picked up this compilation LP a few years ago from a stall in London Town. It has many excellent songs on it, my favourite of which is 'Get Off Your Seats And Jam' by 'South Side Coalition'. It's only drawback being its shortness (that's what she said - hweh?), I was pretty excited when I discovered the original 7" had a version that clocked in at over 6 minutes. Although a 12" version would be more ideal, 6 minutes is still 6 minutes whatever the format. And I wanted it for my ears.

I was even more excited to see a copy on discogs for €5. BAM & it was bought. So it arrived & I opened it feverishly to discover two pieces of vinyl in the mailer. A big bit & a small bit, as you can see above. The seller hadn't written fragile on it & the postman had shoved it through my ill-fitting letter box.

Ah well. I suppose I'll do a quick edit of the version I do have someday. For the time being, please enjoy the short version, and play it loud.

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Anonymous said...

Curious. Tommy Stewart, who started the South Side Coalition, recorded much the same song under just his own name in 1976, calling it 'Get Off Your Seats'. This appears to be be good way to pull the wool over your record label's eyes(or ears).