Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Louis Scully Radiomade Podcast / New Site

Radiomade have recently launched a brand new website. They kindly asked me to submit a podcast for it, so the same night I was asked (to avoid obsessing over the tracklist), I fired up the ole ones & twos, put on a 45 & started recording. I decided to only play 45s for the entire thing, as so many of my little fellas rarely see the light of day, I thought it'd be nice to give them some attention for once. I didn't plan anything past the first track, so it's a little rough around the edges, not all of it is beat-mixed, and there are a couple of skips. It's pretty eclectic, it contains soul, rnb, reggae, new beat, italo, disco, jazz funk, house, a 45 played at 33rpm (on purpose) & moarrr.

Hope u N-Joy.

D/L Link -> 'ere...

Who are Radiomade you say?

"RADIOMADE.IE is an interactive website that focus’s on promoting the work of budding producers, DJs, directors & bloggers based in Dublin City, we give them a stage on which they can present and broadcast and, hopefully, get their creation out to an audience that will appreciate it. Along with our live web streams which broadcast on Saturdays & Sundays, Radiomade also features a podcast section, a blogs section and an events page that promotes up and coming events in the country."

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