Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ann-Margret - Hold Me, Squeeze Me [Dublin Bus Disco Edit]

The a-side on this record is the very well known [and rightfully so, it's amazing] disco track 'Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes' [which was pointlessly re-edited by a certain well known DJ], but the B-Side has it's moments too, in between what I consider to be some pretty questionable vocals. So I looped up all the good bits & gave it a short back & sides. Originally this was meant to be a kind of secret weapon, last song of the night edit for me, but for some reason I've never played it out, and banged it up about 3 years ago. So here it is.

It's a quare quick one eh!?


if you're a bit touched & would prefer an mp3 copy, go here.


bongomez said...

Hi there - been listening to the long version of Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes that you link above... Is this an edit? I just can't find this 10+ minute version anywhere, and sounds a bit like part one and part two have been joined together. Any help would be much appreciated!

DBD said...

yea, was curious about that too, I think it's part 1 & 2 joined alright. maybe try get in touch with the person who uploaded it to youtube. such a tune!

bongomez said...

Yeah, I think it works really well this way. Has a much nicer build. I'll see if I can scoop out the deal.

DBD said...

let me know if you find out!