Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Peaking Lights - Mixxed Up

The wonderful Peaking Lights have put together a couple of damn fine mixes for the Gorilla vs Bear guys. The latest one has reached it's download limit on soundcloud, so I went to the trouble of ripping it it's that good so now it's available to all. Woo. I used this handy little program, which is a nifty oul hoore for grabbing the feisty ones.

Peaking Lights - Mixxed Up [stream / download]

It's super eclectic, starting with some sweet-ass Ethiopian grooves before tumbling through genres with wild abandon. WILD abandon.

Isn't it nice for a contemporary band to not be rubbish?

You can buy they're original music here and listen to it here.

They're on the internet too.

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